Thursday, October 6, 2011

10 things to do to save our environment

1.Find a solution to tackle huge biodiversity loss. Many animal and plant species are endangered or at the very brink of the extinction. Preserving Earth's rich biodiversity is one of the key things for our future well being.

2.Find a solution to halt climate change. In order to do so world needs to drastically reduce carbon emissions on global level and this can be only achieved with a transition to renewable energy and a new climate change deal.

3.Decrease the global level of pollution. In many parts of the world pollution is taking heavy toll, particularly in developing countries. Polluted water and air lead to many different diseases and do our environment a great harm.

4.Protect our oceans and seas. Our oceans and seas are not dumping places for all kind of waste, they are origin of life and areas with very rich biodiversity. The life in our oceans already suffers from climate change and pollution and if we don't do something about it things will soon become much worse.

5.More environmental laws. Our world desperately needs new environmental laws that would do much better job in protecting our environment than current laws do. These laws should be strict with huge punishment for offenders.

6.More scientific research on national as well as global level. Our environment is constantly changing and without scientific aid we won't be able to follow these changes. Knowledge is the key thing in efforts to save our environment and we therefore need comprehensive scientific studies not only to point out to different environmental problems but also to propose solutions for these problems.

7.Global environmental conscience. People need to value environment much more than they do today because Earth is our only home and if we want what is best for us we will do everything in our power to protect our environment, not only for ourselves but for our future generations too.

8.Ensure funding for poor countries. Poor countries are not able to protect their environment from different environmental issues because they don't have enough money. Rich countries should therefore establish funds that would support the environmental protection in poor, developing countries.

9.United world. World will lose the battle against the variety of different environmental issues if not united. Acting as one is the only chance to get the things done. Just take a look at the climate change talks – no moving forward because of difference in opinion between the developed and the developing world.

10.Every hand helps. Each and every one of us can do some simple thing to help our environment. Lots of small things can create one huge thing of gigantic proportions so every hand helps. Don't forget that by protecting your environment you are protecting not only your wellbeing but the wellbeing of your children and grandchildren as well as our future generations.

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