Thursday, January 19, 2012

More plants means better climate change protection

Biodiversity of plants is one of the key factors that could protect our planet against the negative climate change effects. This is the result of multi-author study published in the latest edition of the Science Journal.

The authors of this study have confirmed well known ecological theory that the more diverse an ecosystem is, the more ecological functions it can perform and with it improve and protect the condition of our environment.

According to scientists the rich diversity of plant species holds the keys for maintaining important ecosystem functions linked to carbon and nitrogen cycling and also helps protect our environment from desertification.

Plants play key role in every single ecosystem on our planet by providing crucial services such as the availability of drinking water and food, nutrient cycling, carbon absorption, etc.

The scientists have based their study on samples of ecosystems in every continent except Antarctica which represents the most extensive study of the connection between biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The scientists however failed to answer how can we protect the richness of plant species needed to protect us from climate change when the increased climate change impact will very likely reduce diversity of plants and increase the number of areas affected by desertification.

The climate change is specific environmental issue because it affects all other environmental issues making them far worse than they already are. This is the main reason why all other environmental issues need to be put in equation together with climate change in order to come up with the right solution(s). Biodiversity issue therefore cannot be solved without solving the climate change issue because climate change is together with habitat loss the main factor behind the ongoing worldwide loss of biodiversity.

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