Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Abandoned South Korean trawler threatens sensitive environment

Here is the letter from one of my readers Natalia Zvereva who wrote me about the environmental condition in the Gulf of Anadyr where abandoned South Korean trawler Oriental Angel threatens the surrounding ecosystems.

"In recent days, the Internet actively raises a question about trawler "Oriental Angel" which is standing in the shallows, owned by Korean company Keuk Dong Fisheries Co., Ltd.

About three months ago, there was a fire on board, the crew members were evacuated, but the ship could not be saved. Now it stands off the coast of the Chukotka Autonomous Area in the Gulf of Anadyr. On the trawler board there is over 1000 ton of different fuels.

The owner of the trawler Korean company Keuk Dong Fisheries Co., Ltd. does not want to do anything!! During these three months they could make rescue operations and pump oil from the ship until it leaked into the sea! In the area of ​​the vessel lie the migration routes of rare species such as salmons, as well as other valuable species of fish and other living aquatic resources. Reduction of the fishing stock has a negative impact on the environmental situation, and will reduce the total number of living aquatic resources.

The authorities of the Chukotka Autonomous Region sent a letter to the Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok, Li Yan Gu with a request to take control of the situation with the "Oriental Angel." However, until now there has been no action.

The rescue operation must be started immediately because of the region's specific climate conditions . Otherwise the rescue service will not be able to approach the ship and pump fuel. It is terrible to imagine what would happen if all this fuel would end in sea. We are not only talking here about the ecology of the surrounding areas, but the entire planet. If no action is taken, we won’t escape terrible consequences!

Doesn’t the company Keuk Dong Fisheries Co., Ltd understand that omission will entail serious consequences or it just does not want to do anything? Anyone who can help us join! If we cannot protect our nature, then who will protect us?"

And here is a video made by Natalia featuring lot more info about this accident.

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