Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nature makes this world wonderful

Louis Armstrong said it best in the song what makes this world wonderful: trees of green, red roses, skies of blue, clouds of white, color of the rainbow. Yes, our world is indeed beautiful but for how long will its beauty be able to withhold the greed of humanity still remains to be seen.

It shouldn't take much to make a person happy. Just look how beautiful our planet is, and you should feel blessed for being given the most ultimate of all of gifts, the gift of life.

Where else to feel the gift of life in its most purer form than in nature, the raw beautiful nature that takes your breath away. Our industry and technology have created many different wonders but none of these artificial wonders can measure with the wonder and beauty of the nature.

Our main problem is that we take nature for granted just like almost everything else in this planet. Our greed has no boundaries and nature is always first in line in satisfying our hunger for materials goods and money.

Oh yes, the almighty dollar rules the world destroying everything that stands in its way. If that wouldn't be the case then world wouldn't have to deal with so many different environmental issues.

Climate change, pollution, deforestation, extinction of species – these environmental issues are constantly growing in size because we care very little for our planet. When it comes to industry vs. environment there's always one winner - industry.

Why? Because politicians will tell you that our economy will suffer too much and that major ecological decisions need to wait for better times. What better times? There won't be better times if we continue our current policy of ignorance.

Just listen to what science has to say about it and ask yourself why would science lie to us? What do they get with it? On the other hand politicians have more than one reason to put environmental issues under the rag because this will result in a (financial) gratitude of powerful industrial lobbies.

Nature makes this world wonderful, the trees of green are more beautiful than the dollars of green or at least they should be. Enjoy the nature in its beauty because our future generations might not be as lucky as we are today.

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  1. Indeed, very true. I really like your article because you give a very clear sight on todays issues, and what's really important.