Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to preserve our planet's biodiversity?

The ongoing biodiversity loss is certainly one of the biggest environmental concerns of our time. The global loss of biodiversity is affecting productivity of many different ecosystems. The affected ecosystems lose their ability to create valuable resources, meaning that biodiversity loss does not only cause environmental but also a huge economic damage.

Biodiversity loss is happening in all corners of the world. The other environmental issues like climate change, habitat loss, pollution and deforestation also heavily contribute to global loss of species.

Many animals and plants are going extinct. The interconnection of environmental issues is making conservation efforts practically impossible. The only way to save animals and plants from extinction is to tackle climate change, pollution and other major environmental issues, all in the same time. Sadly, this is something world still isn't ready to do because environment still counts very little on global scale.

Politics and industry rule the world, and these two leave very little room for ecology and environment. The global politics seems to have taken some sort of ignorant approach towards environmental issues because this is what best suit powerful industrial lobbies.

In the meantime, the nature's ability to provide vital services like food, clean water and a stable climate is under a great jeopardy.

Preserving our planet's biodiversity means preserving productivity of our environment. It means preserving food and water for our future generations. Broadly speaking, preserving biodiversity means preserving humanity.

The biodiversity provides great benefits and policy makers should be aware of that. Biodiversity issue requires lot more attention on all three levels: local, national and international.  We must all do our part to protect biodiversity of our planet because our future wellbeing depends on it.

Our society needs to wake up and realize that we can’t survive on this planet all alone. Nature’s main rule is very simple: “Every species counts”. Embracing this rule sooner rather than later might just be the thing to save our society from future self-destruction.

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