Monday, February 4, 2008

Ecological problems

Ecology was word that was never taken quite seriously as many people still think that ecologists and scientists are only scaring people when they talk about ecological problems. If only this would be true. But unfortunately reality is something completely different as now we must face with more ecological problems than at any time in human history.

There's the global warming as the most serious ecological problem, not to mention other ecological problems like air and sea pollution, extinction of many animal species, acid rains and many other. Mother Earth has become very vulnerable and her vulnerable condition makes us vulnerable too. Global warming has already caused serious climate changes, and climate changes together with air pollution are responsible for many diseases and of course deaths.

And although there are so many problems that are already showing their devastating potential, appropriate action is nowhere to be seen. There are some small actions but what is really required is one huge action on global scale that would include most of the world's population. Small-scaled actions are only good on certain areas and have little or none effect on global situation.

Some scientists say it's maybe all over as we failed to make the right move at the right time, but it's still not too late, if not for removing problems then at least to try stopping them from further development. Unfortunately this kind of action is almost impossible since many people still lack ecological awareness thinking only how to satisfy their needs, and not the needs of complete mankind.

Fossil fuels, mainly responsible for global warming are still dominant energy source and renewable energy sources are really thing of the future. What future? If this trend continues what kind of future will this be? Do we really have to get ourselves on urge of extinction in order to know what to do next or at least once humanity can react while is still time? Unfortunately humanity doesn't think enough of future generations as they have right to inherit mother Earth as strong and beautiful mother, and not like some old woman whose days are numbered. We simply do not have the right to take from our descendants something that belongs to them as much as it belongs to us.

Profit and economy are still much more significant in eyes of many than ecology which is to them only something some crazy ecologists blubber about, something that they shouldn't worried about as they consider themselves supreme beings forgetting that Earth was there long before humans become dominant force on planet.

We should really be guardians of our planet putting our efforts in order to preserve all life on planet and we're doing complete opposite by not only endangering lots of animal species but endangering our species too.

Wouldn't it be nice if we would at least try doing something good for a change? I mean there are so many ecological problems that we really have lots of choices to start with and any start would be a good start as long there's something happening, something good enough to give us hope. Because hope is now sadly the only thing we are left with...

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