Friday, February 15, 2008

Human impact on oceans and seas

Just how big is our impact on oceans? As latest study published in Friday's edition of the journal Science showed complete picture is much worse than scientists have expected to be all because of human activities in range from fishing to pollution.

The most affected areas are the North Sea, the South and East China seas, Caribbean sea, east cost of North America, the Mediterranean sea, the Red sea, the Persian gulf the Bering Sea and some parts of the western Pacific.

Luckily areas near the poles are least affected but this could unfortunately soon change as soon as climate change caused by global warming starts warming these areas. There's not only tremendous pollution of world's seas but also reductions in fish and sea animals, and damage has also been done for coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves, rocky reefs and shelves and seamounts.

This study included the effects of structures such as oil rigs, commercial shipping, species invasion, climate-change impacts including acidification, ultraviolet radiation and sea temperature, various types of fishing and several types of human-related pollution. It all resulted with one terrible conclusion:"The oceans are not in good shape. Every single spot in the oceans was affected by at least one human activity ... we figured there'd be places people just hadn't gotten to yet."

But unfortunately not only oceans and seas are in bad shape, this is the current state of our entire planet and unfortunately so people have gotten to all places on our planet. And done the damage that apparently always goes with humans...

Oceans and seas - even worse condition than expected

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