Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Importance of biodiversity - What is our role?

Biodiversity is not the same for all given ecosystems, and is highly important to preserve biodiversity in many ecosystems as possible. Biodiversity isn't something we should be messing with as today's biodiversity is the result of 4 billion years of evolution of many species and thing is sure - nature always know best because unlike humans nature has all the time and necessary experience to make things as they should really be and not to mess it all the time like we do.

Biodiversity isn't just some strange word we take so easily, since it provides food for us, as humans use at least 40,000 species of plants and animals a day. And as we all know we are all connected in food chain and therefore we're all required for proper functioning of food chain. If biodiversity takes heavy loss, so will the food chain and on the end so will we and our entire planet.

The connection of so many living species is very complex but still based on one very simple rule: all species are required. This connection between species is in fact basic principle for survival of all life on Earth. All animal and plant species are required, and any of these species has particular role that makes this nature system so perfect and yet so simple. Or it was so simple until humans with their "know all attitude" started making changes in something that was functioning with such a perfection.

Yet again we took the wrong role as the lead role should only be reserved for nature while we should only fill the role of nature's trusted sidekick since we have the brains to help the nature, instead of making decisions that result with serious negative consequences. With so many endangered animals and destroys of many habitats biodiversity could lose its backbone and this could mean serious change for all life on Earth.

Therefore is vital to preserve this connection between so many species, and even highlight the most affected ecosystems and species that live in these ecosystems. Humans need other species to survive and this planet isn't only ours although destiny of this planet is only in our hands.
And with such power there is also the great responsibility and preservation of biodiversity is more than good test to show us just how big our responsibility really is.

Biodiversity - All species are connected

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