Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Biodiversity must be preserved? But how?

Biodiversity loss is serious ecological problem of the modern world. Because of human activity many plants and animals lost their habitats and failed to survive. At this time humans aren't the only threat to biodiversity as there is also climate change and global warming challenging survival of many ecosystems across the globe.

We know we have to preserve biodiversity as much as possible because this is ancient and one the most effective nature methods that combines all living organisms in Earth into one perfect working community where every unit is equally important for the proper functioning of the entire community.

Because of climate change and global warming many dramatic changes are expected and many animals and plants that live in various ecosystems are threatened with extinction. Additional problem is also the fact that we still don't know enough information about many ecosystems and there is really a need for many new comprehensive researches if we want to have decent chance to prevent biodiversity loss.

UN had already prepared Convention on Biological Diversity but this convention showed so far very slow implementation as there are still no signs of establishing effective worldwide system of protected areas. And the decline in animal and plant species isn't slowing down, on the contrary, it is becoming more rapid than ever before.

Some people think that major problems lies in the fact that many people still don't know how big problem biodiversity loss really is and this serious problem hasn't so far received appropriate public attention that definitely deserves. This is maybe the biggest problems because scientists aren't apparently enough to get things moving. Therefore this problems needs involvement of politicians and worldwide media in order to get more attention.

The role of science, though very important won't be enough to save many animals and plants without the proper political action, and as we all know political action is usually the starting point of all delays. And time is one luxury that we don't have, not with so many environmental threats.
But somehow we are still waiting. As we always did...

Biodiversity must be preserved

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