Friday, June 6, 2008

Joint action that could save tiger population?

Finally some good news for tigers and tiger conservation efforts. The World Bank has launched a joint project, including conservation groups and Hollywood to help reverse the dramatic decline of wild tigers. So called "Tiger Conservation Initiative" should first first start with dialogs with countries with tiger populations to assess financing needs of conservation, and afterwards it will be necessary to identify funding sources and mobilize resources to protect these beautiful animals.

Tiger population had alarming decline, dropping from over 100,000 tigers century ago to just 5000-7000 tigers today, mainly because poaching for fur and habitat destruction. Many tiger species like the Balinese tiger, Javan tiger and Caspian Tiger have already become extinct, and we should do our best to preserve remaining tiger species.

This action could turn out to be success, since it has international character and support, and what is also important public attention. This is the first time that World bank showed sensitivity to the demands of the conservation groups, and hopefully it won't be the last time. Celebrity support will also contribute greatly to public attention, and the famous Hollywood stars like Harrison Ford and Bo Derek have already declared their support to this great project.

The world bank even plans to host a "year of the tiger" summit in 2010 to provide a forum for those involved in tiger conservation to review the status of the wild tigers and their habitats. This really looks to be good news for tigers that today inhabit only 7 percent of their historic range and are among favorite targets for poachers.

We can now only hope that the talks between the bank and the countries on tiger conservation will be successful, and that these beautiful big cats will finally get a decent chance to survive.

Will this action be enough to prevent the dramatic decline of wild tigers?

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