Friday, June 6, 2008

Why mother Earth?

Our mother Earth was born more than 4,5 billion years ago, and it took more than billion years after her birth for life to appear. These were of course very simple organisms but extremely important as they started evolution of life. As the result of this evolution (or with the God's help to some people) eventually humans came along, or if you want more precise version modern humans first appeared in Africa about 200,000 years ago.

It did not take long for humans to become primary force on Earth, even dictating nature what to do. Humans thought (and still think) that fast developing science and industrial progress would be enough to substitute the nature, as nature is only here to serve our needs. We were born in nature, and we belong to nature, we are in fact children of the nature just like all other living species on our planet. But unlike the other species that live on our beautiful planet we are ungrateful children.

We were the ones chosen by the nature, chosen to receive the gift of reason, gift that should not only help us by making our life easier, but also the gift to separate right from wrong. With such big gift, we also received the big responsibility, a big duty really, duty to ensure survival of all life on Earth. However being the only species on Earth blessed with the great gift of reason we became full of ourselves taking our planet for our playground.

All of the sudden we were victims of our own greed, greed that drives our entire society and threatens the survival of all life on our planet, including ours. Yes, we are only humans, we are far away from gods, we are mortal and vulnerable although we hate to think of ourselves on this way. But this is the truth, whether we like it or not. And according to this truth our life depends upon the life of our planet. Our planet is our only home, and if we destroy it, we will also destroy ourselves.

The concept of life on our beautiful planet is so simple, and yet so efficient. One life in order to survive needs another life and all living species are members of the perfectly designed "circle of life". Our role in this fascinating circle of life carries the great responsibility since humans (unfortunately) have enough power to destroy the balance of this unique system. This human power has been tested so many times, and almost always with tremendous negative impact. We can choose to close our eyes but that will not change the picture we managed to create. This sad picture is nothing but the reflection of our reality. Reality that looks much worse than ever before and threatens even our existence.

The condition our planet is currently in perfectly reflects condition of our conscience and our moral. Have we really lost the ability to separate good from bad? What has happened to us? Has money become only thing we really think about? How big is really our moral crisis ?

Well, the right answer to this question can be found in the latest oil prices. Newspapers, television, internet, they all write stories about the skyrocketing oil prices like this is the biggest catastrophe of all time. "Who cares about pollution and global warming - just give us some cheap oil and we'll all be satisfied" is the living credo of many people.

Who cares about future generations? Somebody should care, but not only care about future generations but also for millions of people that die because of hunger each year. And things will only become worse because new negative trend was born, trend to transform food into the fuel, trend of biofuels.

Just imagine this irony and this shameful lack of the moral. People across the world die of hunger and rich states transform precious food into the fuel. If this is not the ultimate humiliation for the moral of humanity then nothing ever will. If people treat other people on this way then how can we expect better treatment for our mother Earth?

Optimists would say we must hope, but hope to what? How to hope when all you see looks to be another nail in our mother Earth's coffin. And mother Earth's coffin is also our very own coffin. So why do we still mistreat our mother Earth? Why do we care so little for ecology and our environment condition? What it will take to wake humanity from this terrible nightmare? Or perhaps this nightmare is already a reality...?

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