Friday, August 15, 2008

Amazon rainforest - Could oil exploration become the largest problem?

In order to fight against climate change and global warming we need to protect our forests, especially rainforests that are not only nature's answer to global warming but also a home for many different unique species. Despite much talk about reducing the deforestation rate in Amazon rainforest things haven't changed for better, in fact things could become much worse as oil exploration in the Amazon rainforest threatens to severely endanger this tropical wilderness kingdom.

According to the newest study by the scientists from Duke university piece of Amazon rainforest roughly the size of Texas has been approved for petroleum exploration and production. The situation is the most worrying in Peru where 64 oil and gas blocks cover approximately 3/4 of country's share of the rain forest. What is even worse is the fact that exploration blocks are mostly concentrated in the most intact jungle regions.

Oil exploration is another great threat to Amazon rainforest

The situation isn't much better in Brazil either where
the government recently sold off 25 exploration concessions in remote regions of the western Amazon, close to areas inhabited by some the world's last tribes, still not contacted by anthropologists.

So what to say to all of this? It is the same all story over and over again. The hunger for oil is so powerful that it will destroy anything that stands on its way as long there is a good profit. And so the health of our planet is still deeply covered by huge profits of many big international companies. Demand for the money is the force that drives many people on this planet, and the nature is only something that stands on their way.
About 20 percent of Amazon rainforest has already been destroyed. How much more of this is still to come?

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