Monday, August 4, 2008

Environmental health and safety

Environmental health and safety can only be achieved if anyone of us understands responsibilities that are necessary if we want to make our environment safe and healthy. Environmental health and safety is the first required step needed for successful environment protection. As said before in order to ensure maximum efficiency of different environmental health and safety programs it is vital to include as many people as possible. To make our environment safe and healthy we need to prevent entrance of different hazardous materials. Such hazardous materials are for instance asbestos, lead, mold, and different other types of waste that could influence on health and safety of our environment.

There are different governmental and non-governmental organizations that are doing their best to ensure environmental health and safety by ensuring compliance with different environmental regulations and laws. What this organizations try to do is to identify risk, evaluate it, and then try to find the solution that would prevent negative consequences to safety and health of our environment. Inspections, monitoring and different thorough analysis are the basis of any serious health and safety programs. With entrance of each new hazardous material there is also the need for improvement of these health and safety programs. It is something similar to computer viruses, in order to deal with new types of viruses you need to improve your current version of anti-virus program.

However what is really important is for us to understand that these different organizations are the only ones responsible for our environmental health and safety. Environmental duties are responsibility of every individual on our planet. If we want to keep our environment clean and safe than we all have to do our part in preventing different dangerous materials entering our environment. Preserving the health and safety of our environment means also preserving health and safety of each and everyone of us. By caring for health and safety of our environment we really care for our health and safety, and health and safety of our children, and future generations.

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