Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Endangered animals in Brazil

Brazil is definitely facing serious problem of constant growth in number of endangered animals which is very worrying especially when you consider size of Brazil and many different unique ecosystems that have their habitats in Brazil. According to the newest list of endangered animals Brazil now has nearly three times more endangered animals than it had 20 years ago. New list has 627 endangered animals compared to "only" 218 twenty years ago.

There are many reasons why there are so many endangered animals in Brazil, most notably loss of habitat as the result of industry and agriculture expansion to new areas which shrinks the living territory of many animals. Less territory means less available food, and ecosystems are no longer capable to maintain balance which can lead to extinction of many animal species.

Many people relate only Amazon deforestation problem to Brazil but the situation with ecological problems is that one ecological problem affects another, like some sort of chain reaction. For instance deforestation does not only has negative impact on global warming, and air pollution, but also shrinks habitats of many animals, and this leads to so high number of endangered animals.

Only good news is that Brazil removed 79 species as no longer endangered, among which are guara and the pampas deer. But 79 is very very small number compared to 627. Isn't it?

Pampas deer is one the animals that have been removed from the endangered animals list.

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