Monday, November 24, 2008

Green future has decent chance?

With the Obama as the new US president green future no more looks as some sort of utopia for many environmentalists worldwide. Dark years under George Bush are into its last days, and the whole world eagerly expects Obama to lead the way. Obama once on top will certainly have his hands full, with not only climate change on his agenda but with the financial crisis as well. Obama, and so does the whole world agree that climate change is problem that needs quick solutions, but on the other hand financial crisis could postpone possible solutions.

It is really a difficult task finding balance between current financial crisis and efforts to fight against climate change, because fight against climate change (together with other related ecological and environmental problems) needs huge funds in order to be successful. Financial crisis could inflict severe problems to "green revolution" but hopefully not on the long run, because hopefully financial markets will soon start showing some signs of recovery. Once this recovery happens there would be really no reason for any delay on climate change issue. Climate change is global problem so to solve it countries will need to act on global level; meaning clear goals to reduce emissions in given period for all countries, with as little exceptions as possible. We certainly do not need another failure like it was Kyoto protocol that was neglected by world's top emitting countries. This time all countries (especially major emitters like for instance China, USA) should be included and obliged to follow newer, stricter regulations, with goals to reach certain level of decrease in emissions not being 50 years from now, but five year tops.

Also in order to really decrease the level of emissions world must turn to completely new energy policy, energy policy that would not put emphasis on fossil fuels but on renewable energy sector. This new energy policy would of course require new laws, and what is more important new funds for development and research because renewable energy sector is still negligible on global scale not powerful enough to compete with dominant fossil fuels. We also need to stop current deforestation rate because forests sink carbon, and their role is therefore crucial in fight against climate change and global warming.

Climate change and global warming are the most difficult environmental challenges in human history, challenge that can only be solved on global level. We all know that global actions are always difficult because of many parties involved but this time we should be united as one. Only united world has decent chance against climate change and global warming. You can slowly feel wind of change coming closer and closer giving hope in green future after so many years. Hope that was almost forgotten is starting to wake up. Good morning hope. Finally.

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