Monday, November 24, 2008

Climate change to have serious impact on koalas

Koalas are already listed as vulnerable but things could very soon become much worse as climate change is beginning to show more and more impact. Climate change and increased temperatures are likely to bring more bushfires, droughts and a significant drop in the nutrition levels of their food (eucalyptus leaves) which will all have tremendous negative impact on koala population.

With levels of greenhouse gases constantly rising in the atmosphere levels of toxins will be high decreasing value of nutrients in eucalyptus leaves. With frequent bushfires and decreased nutrition levels of eucalyptus leaves koalas will have to spend more time on the road, where they will be more attacked by dogs, or some predators.

Koalas will need our help to overcome climate change

But they will not another choice because even now their natural habitats are shrinking at very rapid pace mostly to make room for new farms and houses. One solution that could help koalas would be to plant more eucalyptus tree. Similar plan was already introduced in 1990s with positive results as planting eucalyptus trees by farmers and residents along the creek lines helped increase Gunnedah's koala population.

These actions and protecting native fauna are the only things that could stop decrease in koala population in years to come. Since we are responsible for the whole climate change problem it is really our moral duty to do what we can to ease the consequences. Not only koalas, but many other animals are depending on us.

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