Saturday, November 22, 2008

Invasive species in Europe

Latest report documented by DAISIE (Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventory for Europe) has shown that more than 11000 invasive species have invaded Europe. This is still not alarming because only about 10 percent of these alien species cause economic and environmental damages by having negative impact on biological diversity, creating problem to native animal and plant species.

However number of these invasive species is increasing at daily level and as the climate change becomes more powerful we can expect many new invasive species across the whole globe, not only in Europe, and on the other hand many native species will be heading for extinction. This will of course have tremendous effect on our global biodiversity causing tremendous environmental and economic damage.

There are more than 11000 invasive species in Europe

With so many invasive species there is increased chance of new diseases, altering balance of current ecosystems, reduced biodiversity, decreased value of land and water for human activities, and different other negative impacts that can easily occur. Many countries are still not fully aware that invasive species problem can result in catastrophic consequences for not only Europe's biodiversity but also for human health, and total economy.

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