Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sea eagles back in England?

For more than 200 years sea eagles were not seen in England (the last breeding pair in England was recorded in the Lake District in 1794), but that could soon change as conservationists plan to reintroduce sea eagles back to England. Since there are only about 7,000 pairs of the eagle in the world, successfully establishing a population in England could help global efforts to conserve the species.

Sea eagles are top predators, on top of the food chain in wetlands, and essential part of wetland ecosystems, and really a missing part that could do a great deal for the balance of wetland ecosystems in England. Of course their reintroduction must be done carefully taking in consideration current wildlife and people in nearby areas.

Sea eagles - Soon back in England?

Scotland for instance started this project in 1975, and there are now more than 40 breeding pairs in the area. However reintroduction process wasn't as easy as expected because many farmers claimed that birds have been taking lambs. Because of this claims there was preliminary poll that included 500 people in north Norfolk that showed how 91% of people were in favour of bringing back sea eagles to England. And if all continues to go well the first birds will be brought from Poland for release in summer 2009.

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