Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mountain gorillas in Virunga in jeopardy - again

Mountain gorillas are extremely rare and are listed as one of the most critically endangered species in the world. Majority of remaining number (about 700) lives in Virunga national park, located in Congo. Unfortunately this area is one of the bloodiest area on our planet, with frequent civil wars between rebels and government. Human casualties are not the only casualties, animals are also being brutally killed, including gracious mountain gorillas. In the 2007 10 gorillas were brutally killed in Virunga, some even with the shot in the back of the head, kind of execution style.

Recent bloody escalation isn't helping either as Virunga has once again become war zone with rebell soldiers commanding the hilltops. Different armed groups train in park, and off course eat in the park, with different animals on their menu (in 2007 there hundreds of hippopotamuses were killed with machine guns for their meat, so cruelly that even lake become red).

Mountain gorillas in Virunga national park have this misfortune to have their habitat in one of the most blood-soaked area in the world

Richness of this land is probably the main cause of frequent civil wars as these area is loaded with gold, diamonds, wood and other precious resources so the national park extremely rich with biodiversity is the last thing that confronted sides think of. Park officials have asked both rebels and government troops to allow their return but rebels say that gorillas are safe because they are protecting them. Hopefully this protection doesn't include bullet in the back of the head like it was the case last year.

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