Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turtles need more protection

Lately there has been much higher demand for turtle meat (especially in Southeast Asia) which has pushed many turtle species to endangered territory. The big problem lies in the fact that turtles have very slow reproductive rates, it takes much time to reach maturity age, and considering high mortality rate many turtles do not live enough to reach maturity age needed for reproduction. Because of these reasons many environmentalists believe that within 10-20 years we could see tremendous decline in turtle population.

What environmentalists ask are stricter regulations that would stop hunting of these beautiful animals. Over-harvesting is so serious in Southeast Asia that there are some areas where turtle population has been completely wiped out. Things aren't much better in Florida either, where wildlife experts are asking governor to pass stricter regulation or Florida's wild turtles will soon be facing extinction.

Turtles in Florida need more protection

Turtles play important role in ecosystems, and their extinction would severely damage balance of many ecosystems, and affect biodiversity. Hopefully Florida will pass new regulations, otherwise residents of Sunshine state will very soon have to go to Zoo's to see living turtle.

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