Tuesday, January 6, 2009

EU unlikely to meet biodiversity targets

Biodiversity loss is one of the burning ecological problems of the modern world, and EU set rather ambitious plan to halt biodiversity loss by 2010, by setting out concrete actions and outlining the responsibility of Community institutions and Member States. Like in many other similar plans, it all looks good on paper, but not that good in reality. Latest reports suggest that EU will need major additional efforts in order to fulfill this plan. EU has already done good work regarding suitable legislation but it is not only enough to have appropriate laws, it is even more important for these laws to be successfully implemented in real life.

All actions oriented to halt biodiversity loss really have to be done on a much larger scale, covering as much area as possible, mainly because many ecosystems are interconnected. Agriculture and urbanization are most common factors responsible for destroying habitats of many species, causing tremendous biodiversity loss. Of course there is also almighty climate change problem that gives many species very little time to adapt, pushing many of these species on the brink of extinction. Outside the EU things are even worse with biodiversity loss causing real havoc in many ecosystems. Sustainable development is necessity on global level but so far world is having really tough time in finding balance between biodiversity on one, and economy on other side.

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