Monday, February 23, 2009

Environmental engineering - Definition and meaning

Definition of environmental engineering would be connection between the science and engineering in order to improve the environment and provide healthy water, air, and land for not only humans but for all living creatures. Environmental engineering should basically mean protective system based on science and engineering that would protect all life on Earth from all sorts of pollution and ensure all creatures on Earth healthier environment to live in.

Environmental engineering includes many different tasks such as water and air pollution control, recycling, waste disposal, public health issues, and even studies on the environmental impact of proposed construction projects. As you can see environmental engineering is really a multidimensional mission that has its goal in keeping our environment clean and healthy. Environmental engineers are oriented on all ecological problems, any environmental issue is equally important to them, in general we could say that anything that has something to do with environment is somehow related to environmental engineering.

Environmental engineering needs to overcome many challenges in years to come to keep our environment clean and healthy.

Environmental engineering can be studied at many universities worldwide, and there are usually two specific programs that are producing two types of environmental engineers. First one are being called Environmental "civil" engineers and their focus is primarily on hydrology, water resources management and water treatment plant design. And second one called Environmental "chemical" engineers are mainly focused on environmental chemistry, such as advanced air and water treatment technologies and separation processes. There is also specialization in Environmental engineering law that is becoming more popular as there are more and more new environmental laws.

Environmental engineering plays extremely important role because cleaner and healthier environment means healthier life with more quality. Improving quality of our environment improves quality of our lives, and clean and unhealthy environment leads to diseases, deaths, and generally speaking very low quality of life. Controlling levels of pollution and preventing pollutions are not only keeping our environment clean and healthy but it also keeps away many diseases.

Science and engineering really have tough task ahead of them to keep our environment clean and healthy in years to come because ecological problems are constantly growing, and what is even worse they are all connected so solving one doesn't count a lot on global scale. Take for instance problem of air and water pollution in Asia, water supply in Africa and you'll see only few challenges that environmental engineering needs to overcome in years to come.

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