Friday, February 20, 2009

Gorilla park to protect gorillas in Cameroon

Africa is worst hit by deforestation, and Cameroon is one of the countries with the highest deforestation rate in whole Africa. Cameroon is losing its forests at very fast rate with 220,000 hectares of forests destroyed each year mostly due to logging and agriculture. Forest is of course home of many animal species, including the famous gorillas, and as more and more forest disappears gorillas, together with other animals, are losing their habitats which could lead them to extinction.

Therefore this last step made by Cameroon government was more than welcome as they decided to create new national park that would not only protect a population of 600 gorillas, but also other threatened species such as chimpanzees, forest elephants, buffaloes, and bongo. Deng Deng National Park covers 224 square miles (580 square kilometers) which should get animals enough room to freely move without fear of suddenly losing their habitats.

Gorillas and many other endangered animals have better chance for survival in new Cameroon's national park.

Without such actions, not only in Cameroon but in other parts of Africa, and world in general, many animals could face the brink of extinction as they are constantly forced to not only fight with the fact that they are losing their habitats but also with climate change, pollution, not enough food or water, etc. These all problems are of course caused by who else than us, humans.

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