Wednesday, February 18, 2009

World's largest wetland disappearing

World's largest wetland is located in Brazil's Pantanal region but if advanced farms and industries continue their development in this nature's paradise this giant wetland (the size of England) could become nothing more than a fond memory. Economic progress has once again showed that it has devastating effect on environment causing massive environmental damage. This time on the economic progress is in form of increased export of beef, iron and soy that have put environmental issue in this Brazil's region to side because economy is as always the one that matters the most.

Pantanal wetland is not only huge fresh water reserve but also a real biodiversity heaven with many different animal and plant species, most known are probably the majestic jaguars and predatory caymans. This is really on the world's richest faunas and a place of immense beauty that needs to be preserved in all of its wild beauty.

Economic progress in Brazil's Pantanal region is causing massive environmental damage to Pantanal wetland, the largest wetland in the world.

But farms, industry and deforestation are working together in one joined action that could eliminate all the beauty and wildness from this region. Government is doing very little to stop this bad behavior mostly because Brazil's beef exports have more than tripled in five years giving huge profits to Brazil's economy.

Environmental groups have found that there are already signs of runoff water from nearby farms that is altering the ecosystem's sensitive balance. Fertilizers in water are causing earlier trees flower and birds breed, and things could easy turn into catastrophe in the next couple of years. Especially since many farmers seek for expansion of their farms in order to achieve even bigger profits. Government should act before it is too late.

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