Thursday, May 28, 2009

World desperately needs new climate policy

Science is constantly issuing warnings to politics that new international climate policy is desperately needed or the world will soon see what global warming is all about. U.S. Energy Information Administration stated in their last report that unless world agrees new climate policy and starts cutting CO2 emissions, world CO2 emissions will rise by 39 percent by 2030.

39 percent CO2 increase would very likely cause extreme weather events such as floods and drought much sooner than expected. Many scientists have warned the world to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050 to avoid the worst possible scenario but politicians are still reluctant to accept major CO2 cuts because to them industry is still far more important than the health of our planet.

Many energy experts believe how the biggest problems lies in developing countries like China and India. These countries heavily rely on coal and other fossil fuels to satisfy their energy demand, and in order to continue their rapid economic growth they will need even more fossil fuels than they do now. This will of course mean more CO2 emissions, and more impact to global warming.

However, it would be extremely unfair to blame only China and India for the ever-growing climate change problem. Much bigger responsibility for global warming problem lies on U.S. shoulders. Though China has overtaken U.S. and become world's largest polluter, U.S. per capita emissions are still five times bigger than China's. U.S. still has a lot of work to do before pointing fingers at other countries, and Obama still needs to prove the world that U.S. is really ready to accept "green future".

World emissions in 2006 were 29 billion metric tons, and without adequate international climate policy they will grow to 40.4 billion metric tons by 2030 (25,8 billion metric tons from developing countries, and 14,6 billion metric tons from developed countries). This is the future that has to be avoided at any cost.

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