Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Climate change caused flooding in Amazon?

Amazon rainforest is not only the largest rainforest in the world but also the excellent indicator of climate change. Flooding that is currently happening in Amazon is most likely the result of climate change. Though flooding is not unusual in Amazon this year situation is much more serious than in any previous year in last decade because waters rose much higher and stayed much longer than in previous years.

Floods are not the only indicator of climate change. Four years ago Amazon experienced tremendous drought that not only ruined the crops but it was so severe that fish were flapping in the mud. Extreme weather events like floods and drought are clear evidence that climate change is indeed happening. And unless we do something about it these extreme weather events will become more frequent and also more powerful.

What is currently happening in Amazon will likely not only affect Amazon but could also effect rainfall elsewhere, not only in Brazil and South America but in U.S. as well. Of course the rest of the world is likely to feel global warming heat too, especially once rising ocean temperatures and rain forest destruction grow even further. These extreme weather events could even happen sooner than we expect them, and global warming may not be "next generation thing".

Sadly many scientists agree how current flood/drought situation in Amazon is something that will become common thing in years to come. Amazon future isn't the only future that doesn't look bright, the future of our entire planet also looks to be more and more like some catastrophe movie scenario. And of course politicians are still talking and negotiating. They still haven't learned that you simply can't negotiate with climate.

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