Monday, June 8, 2009

Is ecology less important than industry?

It shouldn't be but it is. Money is more important than environment and industry is more important than ecology? Why is that? Well it has a lot to do with our system of values where materialism rules. Money does not only make monkey dance it also makes the difference between important and less important. Money and our own greed have pushed ecology on sidelines leaving only few idealists to fight for "green cause". The rest of the pack is more interested in getting rich because that's the "right style of life".

Instead of teaching our children to respect our planet, and care for every living creature on Earth we really teach them how to become greedy, pointing the value of money above anything else. We really live in illusion that our planet can take care of itself no matter what we done to him but this is sadly not the true. Yes our planet is capable to defend itself but only up to a certain point because the environmental mess we have created over the years is simply too big. Is this stopping us from creating even bigger damage? Of course not.

So what if there are less and less available water resources across the world. So what if climate change will cause extreme weather events in years to come. So what if we chop down our forests. So what if our air, rivers and oceans are polluted. Does these all really belongs to "so what" category? Most of you would probably answer no it doesn't but what would happened if big bucks were at stake in the whole story? Would you still think how ecology and environment is much more important than money if for instance someone offers you hefty sum just to keep quiet about ecology? Or would your lips be sealed for all times?

This is really the biggest problem in this whole ecology/industry story. The problem of wrong values or to put it more precise the problem that the wrong values like money have become the right values. Industry is only one form of money so question ecology vs industry is really ecology vs money. And in this game, with our current values there can be only one winner- money.

Can this state of mind change in years to come. Yes it can but this won't be easy. Changing the values of one entire society is never easy to do and it usually takes a lot of time. But how much time do we still have to make necessary changes? Not much if you ask me. And the more we wait the worse it will be, and we may even reach the point of no return and enter the worst possible scenario. The one of total environmental disaster.

Do we really have to see the worst to know what our priorities are? If this is the true then we really haven't evolved much since the time we used to live in caves. What has really happened with moral responsibility of civilized society?

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