Sunday, June 7, 2009

So many ecological problems, so little solutions

Current situation with our planet is more serious than ever before in our history. World is today facing a battle against variety of different ecological problems, and the worst thing is that we are still not prepared enough to win this battle. Why aren't we still prepared? Mostly because many think there is still enough time left to think of possible solutions. Modern world is really modern in lot of things but when it comes to ecology not much has changed in the last 300 years, ecology is still miles behind economy, and almighty dollar still rules the world.

Thing that frightens me the most is not really the fact that there are so many ecological problems, what really frightens me is the fact that all these problems are closely connected and that we cannot solve one by one. It's really all or nothing situation? Why is that? It is because humans are responsible for all these problems, we are really origin of all ecological problems. For instance many believe how climate change is the most serious ecological problem in history of humanity but in order to fight against climate change we also have to fight against deforestation and pollution because these two ecological problems influence final magnitute of climate change impact.

Increase in the average Earth's temperature and the upcoming climate change that goes with it have potential to cause previously unseen environmental disaster but yet many people think this is nothing more than a ghost story that isn't happening. The same goes with pollution. We are dumping waste into our rivers, sea, oceans; our air is more polluted than ever because of excessive CO2 emissions, and yet you still have the feeling like we don't care enough to change all of this. Take a look at alarming deforestation rate across many parts of the world or at ever-increasing number of endangered animals. This should really be more than enough to do something but somehow it isn't. Well at least not for politics that is.

Politicians are still far more worried about how to stop financial crisis, or how to keep the oil prices at reasonable level instead of protecting our planet. Yes they do talk a lot, promising quick and decisive action but once chips are down they stand still or in the best known political manner postpone decision for better times. They should have learned by know that there won't be better times unless we do something right now to ensure them. Talking won't get us out of this terrible environmental mess, what we really need is global action.

First big test is only couple of months away. Copenhagen, later this year will tell us answer to the question whether world has learned something from past mistakes. Is world finally ready to cut greenhouse gas emissions and agree new climate deal that would prevent further strengthening of climate change impact? Ecological problems have lately become so strong that only united world can fight against them, regional actions are not enough. If the world agrees new climate deal then this would finally mean that we have actually learned something from past mistakes. And most importantly that countries can put aside their differences when it comes to big ecological issues. And trust me climate change problem is the biggest ecological issue of all time. Why? Because it is connected with all other ecological problems giving them more dimensions and making them much more difficult.

This interconnection between ecological problems is making this challenge so big. They are all so closely connected that is really impossible to fight one by one and succeed. But how to fight all of them in the same time? That's a tough question. International climate deal could be good starting point, especially if it includes measures to not only fight against climate change but also against pollution, deforestation, and other ecological problems.

As you can see the big test is only couple of months away. Will we see a start of completely new ecological era or yet another big disappointment? Politics has given us many false hopes by now and another big disappointment would likely kill all our future hopes. But is politics aware of this? We'll soon see.

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