Monday, August 31, 2009

Building new roads means even bigger deforestation

The best solution to protect and save rainforests across the globe is to keep them away from people. But this is sadly not happening today, especially not in world's largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon rainforest, where more and more rainforest areas are exposed to people mostly because of tremendous road expansion. Ever-expanding roads are built throughout the heart of Amazon rainforest. The more roads there are the bigger threat this is for Amazon rainforest, and deforestation is likely to increase even further. Even now as I write this Brazil is already building a brand new 900-kilometre road (the BR-319) through largely pristine forest. This new road will open even more rich forest areas to loggers and farmers, and is very likely to result in massive deforestation.

Roads are constantly built throughout the heart of Amazon rainforest

Environmentalists are constantly describing roads as one of the biggest evils for rainforests across the globe but this has very little or almost no effect because politicians are making the decisions, usually based on some interests from some powerful lobbies, instead looking at things from environmental point of view. Every new road that is built means destruction of one ancient and beautiful piece of nature, but not only this, every road opens door for further destruction of rainforests, one of nature's most beautiful monuments. Rainforests are not only beautiful pieces of nature, they play far more important role in regulating climate on our planet, which is extremely important, especially now when climate change problem threatens are way of life. But still we do not care enough to protect our rainforests, and instead of becoming nature allies we are sadly becoming biggest threat to nature. And biggest threat to ourselves too.

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