Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Connection between ecology and industry

Ecology is science that studies the interaction between organisms and environment they live in and industry is manufacture of some merchandise or service in order to make profits. The final goal of industry is to create big profits while final goal of ecology is to find an ideal coexistence of all living and non-living organisms in some environment. Making money on one side and making harmony in nature on the other side are two completely different point of views, so it's really no surprise that ecology and industry are very rarely on the same wavelength. In most cases industry is the one that makes the rules and dominates the world because industry is all about money, and money is the only real driving force behind our civilization. The real question is can ecology survive this material greed that resulted from excessive industrialization followed by enormous profits?

Whether we want to accept it or not, moral values of our society are really not something we should be very proud off. Once almighty dollar is at stake everything else seems less important, and many people do not see nature in its full beauty but rather as the source of income that needs to be exploited. Current state of our planet and different ecological problems that are becoming more and more serious are clear sign that we have gone to far in exploiting nature, and that unless we do something about it we could soon experience Mother Nature's wrath for being ungrateful children.

Are we really so greedy that we have trouble separating wrong from the right? Do we really have to totally destroy our planet to actually realize that this disrespect to our planet has to stop as soon as possible? I wouldn't really be surprised if the answer to this last question turned out to be a positive because humanity has lost that noble touch for basic moral values. Industry with high profits as its main goal has not only managed to hide ecology somewhere in the shadows but has also hidden our basic moral values turning us into money slaves.

Ecology does talk. In fact ecology talks very loud but many people do not hear it because sound of the money is much more appealing to their ears. Most of today's ecological problems (pollution, climate change, endangered animals, and deforestation) are mostly the result of uncontrolled industrial activity but still society accepts this because of profits. Preserving our economies looks to be much more important than preserving our environment and in such situation ecology can't go forward regardless of serious efforts done by many environmentalists.

So what is the result of all of this? The result is one big environmental mess that keeps on growing and growing. And what are we doing? Waiting for even more false political promises so we can live with optimistic thoughts that everything will turned out well in the end. Sadly every dream needs waking up, and this last dream we are living in could very easy become a very scary nightmare.

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