Monday, September 21, 2009

Is politics responsible for current environmental condition of our planet?

Global environmental condition of our planet is alarming. Reports from different parts of the world suggest that globally speaking we have created one terrible environmental mess that could soon turn into one big threat to all life on our planet. I'm not only talking here about climate change that has potential to make life impossible in some parts of the world by the end of this century, I'm also talking about pollution, deforestation, and generally speaking total lack of ecological conscience that could lead us to real environmental disaster.

Why has the world become so immune to ecological problems and why do we care so little for our planet that is still our only home? Perhaps this lack of ecological conscience has to do with the materialism and hedonism of our civilization that are mainly responsible for distorted values of our society. In the world where everything is measured by money it's hard to have any conscience left, especially ecological conscience because ecology means so little to so many people.

The best example of how little we care for our planet is climate change. Every day we hear dozens of bad news about what's going to happen if we do not change our way of life. Still the threat of frequent extreme weather events like hurricanes, droughts, flooding, sea levels rise, extinction of many animals isn't still enough for world to make the right move and save our planet. Financial crisis was far more important than environmental crisis though environmental crisis is much bigger problem. When financial market was at stake hundreds billions of dollars were spent in couple of months to seek solutions, and in situation when our planet's destiny is at stake all we are doing is delaying decision for better times.

Why is politics so reluctant to make the right decision that would give us a decent chance in fight against global warming? The answer is quite simple. Current environmental condition is so serious that only acceptable solutions are radical solutions like massive CO2 cuts. Such radical solutions would do great damage to major players in industry, and if there is one thing these powerful industry lobbies want to maintain then this is power, or to be more precise power to control politics.

What do you think who stands behind the political campaigns across the globe, where does the money come from? Industry pays the campaigns and in return has the control over the politics. Politics is dependent upon industry, and listens very carefully to what industry has to say, hoping to please industry as much as possible.

Of course politics also cares about public opinion, and therefore when press starts writing about negative environmental condition of our planet politicians are not afraid to make promises about how they're doing anything in their power to protect our planet, and how we'll soon see change that would make the difference. Sadly these kind of promises are all what it takes for politics to achieve its goal in protecting the industry because our lack of ecological conscience. Politics uses our lack of care for our planet because our greedy minds are mostly occupied with money, and few false promises are more than enough to do the trick.

In real life green is not the color of the nature it is really the color of the money.

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