Thursday, September 24, 2009

What is climate change doing to our planet?

Climate change has already started affecting our planet, and the most obvious sign is melting of the Arctic's ice. As the name suggests it climate change, if continues, will change our climate because average temperature on our planet will rise (global warming phenomenon) bringing all sorts of trouble to our planet, and of course ourselves. In the worst possible scenario climate change has the potential of even wiping entire life out of this planet, of course not now nor in hundreds years time but if we and our future generations fail to do something about it somewhere in the future human race could even disappear from face of the Earth.

Climate change is slow phenomenon and it takes a lot of years to show us its real face but scientists warn us that we definitely do not want to see climate change fully exposed because that would mean total environmental catastrophe of our planet. Even now climate change is doing great damage to our planet: for instance melting of the Arctic ice is changing global climate, increasing worldwide sea levels, bringing many polar animals at the brink of extinction. Extreme weather events have become more frequent in many parts of the world and many scientists see connection between for instance hurricanes, flooding, droughts and climate change.

Climate change, if continues its current trend will not only do irreversible damage to our planet but also irreversible damage to our way of life. Many people will lose their homes, there won't be enough food and water, and damage to our entire ecosystem will be enormous because many animals will perish, only to be found in history books. This is the grim outlook for future if nothing changes, and the worst thing is that we'll be the ones mostly responsible for this total environmental chaos.

Climate change has already started showing its true face, and Arctic and Africa are currently mostly affected areas on our planet. Just imagine, Africa with all of their problems in form of insufficient food and water supply is likely to be worst hit by climate change in years to come. We should be already thinking about possible strategies to adapt as much as possible to climate change. Yes to adapt because it is already to late to stop climate change, at this point we can only work on solutions to adapt and not to worsen already serious climate change impact. If we fail to do so we'll turn everything into one enormous environmental disaster.

And yet we have politics that still doesn't look to be fully aware of climate change's problem magnitude as the talks of new climate deal clearly point out. Politicians still want to ensure their specific interests not looking at the big picture but just being play old selfish looking only their interests and interests of their national industries. The time has come, and politics must at least once forget about the interests of industry and economy because destiny of our planet is at stake, and with it our own destiny too. We do not have any more time for promises and excuses, what our planet needs is the action. Global action of the united world, world who is ready to put aside all the differences and save our planet from the worst. Earth is still our only home, and the responsibility of protecting it lies solely on us. So why not do something about it?

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