Monday, October 26, 2009

Environmental problems list - Quick overview with possible solutions

Environmental problems can also be categorized as ecological problems since ecology is top environmental science, and through this article I will try to present you the quick overview of currently most important environmental problems. This environmental problems list should give you much better insight into current environmental condition of our planet, and the possible solutions we could do to improve our environment.

The biggest environmental problem is climate change. Up to this point in human history humanity was never faced with environmental problem of such dimensions. The magnitude of climate change problem is huge since it not only includes climate of our entire planet but is also making other environmental problems much stronger like for instance increasing number of animals threatened with extinction. Climate change has potential of making life on Earth a real nightmare in form of extreme weather events, flooding, drought, diseases, hunger, and water shortages. Currently available solution to climate change problem include new climate deal that should significantly curb greenhouse gas emissions, quick development and strengthening of the renewable energy sector, carbon capture technology, geoingeneering, etc.

Pollution is also very serious environmental problem. Ever since we discovered the big scale industry we have been heavily polluting our planet, making our environment dirty and unsafe to live in. Pollution is happening in many different forms like air, sea, water, noise pollution, and pollution levels on global scale are constantly rising. Industry, together with vehicles is major culprit that made our planet polluted. Among countries most affected with pollution are China and India where millions of people die each year because of diseases triggered with polluted air and water. Solution to pollution problem would be stricter pollution laws, forbidding heavy polluting industries, recycling, and not using our cars in every single opportunity like our life depends on them.

Among major environmental problems there is also deforestation, particularly in rainforests. Rainforests regulate the climate, so destroying them means giving more impact to climate change as well as destroying habitats of many animals and plants that can be found only in these areas. If we would to stop deforestation we would also help tackle climate change problem because rainforests and forests absorb large quantities of CO2, regulating climate and temperature in the process. The most important rainforest in the world is Amazon rainforest that covers area of five and a half million square kilometers (1.4 billion acres) which is more than half of remaining rainforests on our planet. Almost 20 % of Amazon rainforest is already destroyed, and if we continue this current trend we'll be soon on a verge of making the biggest environmental disaster in history. Solutions to deforestation problem include donations and funds to poor countries so they wouldn't have to cut trees to survive, stricter laws, more protected areas, building less roads through rainforests, forest regrowth, etc.

The last major environmental problem I will mention here is the endangered animals problem. Many animals have already gone extinct, and many other famous animals including polar bears, rhinos, elephants, cheetahs, gorillas, corals, tigers, and many others could follow them into history books unless something changes. There are many reasons why there are today so many endangered animals, and the biggest are habitat loss, climate change, and poaching. The original idea of life on Earth was interconnection between all forms of life, so any animal and plant that disappears into history books is destroying this perfectly balanced interconnection making problems to all living creatures on Earth, including humans. Solution to endangered animals problem would include stricter laws and more conservation efforts, more guards to protect endangered animals from poachers, working on solutions for climate change and pollution, not interfering into habitats of endangered animals, etc.

We have to act as soon as possible to work on solutions to these environmental problems or environmental problems list will become much bigger in years to come. If we fail to act we will come to the point of no return where there won't be any available solutions left to us. This is the time in our history where we have to show that we have been blessed with superior intellect in order to protect our planet not to destroy it. Let us not forget that our future generations also need this planet to survive. After all, Earth is still our only home.


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