Friday, October 23, 2009

Other ecology info

This is the section with articles that are not specifically related to climate change, deforestation, pollution or endangered animals but feature some other interesting ecological issues like for instance the importance of water resources.

Wildlife management - Definition and its main role

Soil erosion - Definition and meaning

Renewable energy - One of the best solutions to save our planet

Coral reef growth - Interesting facts

Marine protected areas - Good solution to save many species

Water conservation - Why should we conserve water?

Green job definition - What are green jobs?

How can we help our planet?

Geoengineering - A good backup option to fight against climate change?

Great lakes losing ice cover

World's largest wetland disappearing

Water scarcity in India

Not long before severe water shortages

Wetlands are very important for both nature and people

What is ozone hole?

China to become greener with the new law?

Chicago to become green city?

Wetlands need to be preserved

Glaciers and mountains melting - Water shortage problem

Tibet - Environmental condition

Difference between crocodiles and alligators

Can invasive species coexist with native species?

Healthy environment is important for economy