Thursday, November 12, 2009

Koalas under serious threat of extinction

Koalas are definitely among the most lovable animals but if current conditions continue in about 30 years koalas could disappear from the face of the planet. There are different reasons why koalas are lately experiencing serious decline in population, and three most important reasons are climate change, habitat loss as the result of infrastructural development, and bushfires.

The Australian Koala foundation has in its latest report stated some really alarming news, namely that koala population in wild could have dropped by more than 50% in the last six years. They have also stated that previous estimates about the around 100,000 koalas in the wild were wrong, and that today there are only around 45,000 koalas still left in the wild.

Current numbers suggest that koalas are heading for extinction. There are only around 45,000 koalas still left in the wild.

This number of koalas still left in the wild was calculated by collected field data from 1,800 sites and 80,000 trees. The current numbers are definitely alarming, and if we want to stop further decline in koala population an immediate action is required.

Koalas simply cannot cope with loss of habitat caused by deforestation, and dryer conditions caused by climate change that have made their food more scarce and lower nutrition value.

Perhaps the most alarming factor in this story is that koalas haven't still been listed as the endangered by Australian government, and the current reports suggest that it will take at least another year before this happens. Who knows how much koalas will pay with their lives this negligence in the meantime?

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