Thursday, November 12, 2009

The negative effects of deforestation

Ruthlessly destroying forests and rainforests around the globe to make more room for farms and cattle pasture is one of the biggest environmental evils that happens today in many parts of the world. Since the start of the industrial revolution mankind has destroyed almost 40% of its forests and rainforest, doing great damage to different forest ecosystems around the globe. Current deforestation rates in Amazon rainforest, Africa and Indonesia are alarming, and beautiful ancient rainforests keep disappearing from the face of our planet.

Forests and rainforests are being cleared for many different reasons, mostly because agriculture, cattle pasture, and industrial expansion. Togehter with forests many animals and plans that rely on them will also perish from face of the Earth. Rainforests for instance are areas of the richest biodiversity on our planet, and if we continue to destroy them many animals and plants will go extinct, incuding even some currently not known species that we wouldn't have to chance to study.

The negative effects of deforestation will not only stop with plants and animals facing extinction, it will also make climate change problem much worse than it already is. Together with oceans our forests, particularly rainforests are the largest carbon sinkers on this planet, helping regulate climate and temperature increase by sinking large quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmopshere. The more forests we destroy the less carbon will they sink, and to make irony even bigger by destroying them we usually emit large quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (burning).

Deforestation has many negative effects on environment. The two most negative effects of deforestation are climate change and extinction of species.

Despite these negative consequences of deforestation forests and rainforests are still being cleared in many parts of the world. The laws are still not strict enough to save forests and rainforests, and to make matters even worse tropical rainforests are mostly located in poor developing countries. As the population in these countries keep on growing people need more food to survive so they destroy forests to make room for farms and cattle pasture. In order to fix this poverty factor rich countries should ensure better forest funding that would give poor people enough money to survive without clearing forests.

Instead of cutting trees we should plant them because planting trees and afforestation activity helps in saving our planet, especially if it is done on global level. Sadly, global action to plant as many trees as possible hasn't still happen while deforestation rates keep on growing. Unless world does something really fast deforestation will create global environmental disaster in years to come.

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