Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why is climate change issue so important?

Lately, talks about new climate change deal are receiving lot more media coverage than they used to have. Does this mean that world leaders have finally realized what we are dealing against here, and so they started talking much more about climate change issue that has resulted in increased public attention of this problem? Well, they are certainly talking lot more than they used to have but when it comes down to actually doing something things still haven't changed much, and new climate deal is still anything but certainty.

To many people this doesn't have any logic. Politicians acknowledge the climate change problem, many of them even say that our planet's health is at stake here, and still they are very reluctant to make anything that would hurt their interests. The interests are really a key issue in politics, these "interests" justify all injustices and bad decisions that politicians have made over the years, this is their perfect excuse usually in form of statements like: "we are still not ready to, "this would hurt us to much", "it is still not the right time", etc. They wanna talk about interests? OK, then lets talk about interests.

First of all if we accept the fact that climate change is indeed the biggest environmental problem of them all, the problem that could do significant damage to our planet and make life extremely difficult for our future generations then this should be really the highest interest of them all. If Earth is still our only home, and it still definitely is, then we should do everything that is in our power to ensure this home would be kind to our future generations as it was kind to us. But no, each country has to look at their own interests, it has to ensure good economic position, so industry wouldn't be hurt. Poor little industry, it could get hurt for couple of years, and the world could lose dozens billions of dollars. I'm asking you how much money will world lose if climate change shows it scary face in form of sea level rise, hurricanes, new diseases, drought and flooding? It will definitely be more than dozens billions of dollars. This is the main problem of politics, thinking that short term industry goals are the most important thing in the world, they're not, long term climate effects are much more important, and even politicians should have realized this by now.

This potential new climate change deal gives world leaders unique opportunity to show that world can be united when global issues are the main subject, it has ability to show that countries can overcome the difference in their opinions and interests when something should be done on global level. Climate change issue is far to important issue to let petty interests move us away from new climate deal. I will not go into the question whether climate change is man-made or down to nature, the only thing that matters is to acknowledge climate change problem, and do everything that is in our power to not to make it worse. If we continue with our excessive greenhouse gas emissions we are bound to make it worse, and our future could be one big environmental disaster.

These couple of people have destiny of our planet in our hands, and if they still haven't realized how important climate change issue really is, then they have bought all of us one-way tickets to Disasterville. I definitely don't want to go there. What about you?


  1. I agree with you a lot, and I also think that we, the average citizens in this world can help by even doing just little things. We may not be able to prevent climate change but we can help stop it bit by bit.

  2. I agree with you and things must be done fast now..otherwise it'll be too late and all that we'll be able to do is wait for the end of our planet..

  3. planting trees is the best mitigating option