Monday, December 21, 2009

Connection between ecology and renewable energy

Many ecological problems have originated from excessive fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) use, most notably climate change and pollution. Since world needs more and more energy as the world population keeps growing we need more fossil fuels to satisfy our hunger for energy. This is because renewable energy has only started developing while fossil fuels have very long tradition and powerful industries to support them.

The connection between ecology and renewable energy in its most simplest meaning would be "the more renewable energy we use the better for ecology". The better for ecology means in this case less ecological problems to worry about. But as said before renewable energy has only started developing, and despite more than obvious progress in certain renewable energy sectors (wind and solar energy) this is still far from what is required to replace fossil fuels, and improve environmental condition of our planet.

Our planet is struggling with so many different ecological problems, and renewable energy would be ideal solution for many of these problems: climate change, pollution, even endangered animals problems since all ecological problems are today interconnected and require multidimensional solution. More renewable energy would mean less air pollution, less greenhouse gas emissions to worry about, less endangered animals because of the climate change but still we are so far away from entering the "clean energy future". Why?

On one hand as said before renewable energy sector is still in its infant phase, and it will require lot more funding and research to develop into adequate ecological solution to save our planet from global environmental disaster. And on the other hand fossil fuels lobbies are still extremely powerful and dominant, ready to do anything to maintain their dominant positions, including halting the progress of renewable energy sources as much as possible.

Some environmentalists say that future definitely belongs to renewable energy sources but something also has to be taken into account here, namely will our planet leave us enough time to see this future, or will the ever-growing magnitude of ecological problems lead us to the point of no return, where our future would look like the cataclysmic scenario from some horror movie?

World has started noticing the benefits of renewable energy sources, but current ecological problems are demanding much faster transition to renewable energy, and this is sadly the pace world is not ready to follow at this point of time.

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