Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ecological problems in 2010 - What to expect?

From the ecological point of view last year ended so disappointing, as world has once again showed lack of responsibility in solving the climate change problem. We have expected so much for climate talks, and the final results offered so little, showing how little we care for not only our planet but for our future generations too. Can this somehow change in 2010?

Having this in mind what can we really expect in 2010? Not much good, I fear. We are likely to see more promises from politicians about how we need to solve climate change problem as quickly as possible, and very little if any action at all. Now if only political promises would count then all ecological problems would already be solved long time ago. Sadly, most politicians obviously still think that promises are enough and they act like we have all the time in the world.

Climate change will remain the biggest ecological problems in 2010 but it definitely won't be the only one. We can also expect more endangered animals in 2010, different forms of pollution, and further clearance of forests and rainforests.

Overall, environmental condition of our planet is very unlikely to improve in 2010, and personally I do not expect any improvement in global ecological awareness in 2010, especially not after the disappointment with the new climate deal.

The hope that politicians will actually do something good for our planet looks to be reserved only for naive people but sadly this hope is all that still remains. Expecting ecological miracles in 2010 is really naive because world leaders have shown us so many times how little they care for our planet.

World leaders keep promising but are actually doing nothing to help our planet.

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