Sunday, June 27, 2010

Polar bears still heading for extinction?

If we look at the latest scientific reports we can see that scientists pretty much agree that lately very little has been done to save polar bears from going extinct. Two years have passed since these majestic animals have been listed under the Endangered Species Act but this alone will mean very little to them because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service hasn't done anything to prevent the loss of their sea ice habitat due to climate change, which is the major reason why polar bears are heading for extinction.

The bad news is that federal officials have already declared that the Endangered Species Act will not be used in the attempt to regulate greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming and melting ice in the Arctic Ocean. Such limited power of the Endangered Species Act leaves very little hope for polar bears to survive because it leaves conservationist with with very limited number of tools to protect the polar bears from extinction.

Polar bears need ice to survive, and climate change is melting ice, heavily reducing habitats of these majestic animals. The loss of summer sea ice in Arctic has already passed the critical level, and polar bears are in great jeopardy, especially since all current indicators show that this melting trend is very likely to continue.

The new global climate deal, and strict regulations on greenhouse gas emissions still look like the only option that could save polar bears from extinction but world still looks to be far away from legally binding climate deal, and thus polar bears remain in great jeopardy.

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