Sunday, July 4, 2010

Will world be able to curb carbon emissions?

The only logical solution against climate change is to curb carbon emissions on global level, and this means that world needs to cut dependence on fossil fuels, and use clean energy to satisfy its ever-growing energy needs. China, the world fastest developing economy, has recently overtook US and became the world's biggest carbon emitter, and therefore a lot will depend upon China's ability to curb carbon emissions in years to come.

Last November China made a promise to cut its carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product by 40 to 45 percent by 2020 compared with the level from 2005, and it is good to know that China really wants to make this happen. According to the China's Minister of Environmental Protection, Zhou Shengxian, "the old path of economic growth based on environmental pollution implemented in developed countries over the past 300 years is not feasible in China, and China can not afford the losses brought by this development mode".

China still heavily relies on coal and other fossil fuels but renewable energy is also becoming increasingly important. China is already world's largest manufacturer of solar panels as well as wind turbines, and continues to heavily invest in clean energy, energy efficiency, and other ecological solutions to curb carbon emissions.

China's government is really trying to maximally stimulate the development of clean and low-carbon energies, including hydroelectric, nuclear, wind and solar power. China's current clean energy goal is to get 15 percent of power from non-fossil sources by 2020, and if China continue this current path, it will make it happen.

It has to be said that China is not the only country that needs to work on ways to reduce carbon emissions, United States must do the same. U.S. is the country that mainly contributed to climate change problem after being world's biggest CO2 polluter for so many years, and thus should lead the way when it comes to solving climate change issue.

Climate change is global issue, and requires global efforts that should result in the form of new climate deal. Copenhagen infamously failed, will it be better luck next time?

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