Sunday, September 19, 2010

Environmental protection - Definition and key issues

Environmental protection definition includes all available practices used to protect our environment, whether on individual, organizational or global (international) level. This basically means that each and every one of us can do something to protect our environment but of course, global actions are the ones that would help our environment the most.

The general opinion is that our environment is in the constant state of degradation due to so many different environmental problems (climate change, all forms of pollution, deforestation, biodiversity loss, etc). The scientists have been issuing warnings about the negative state of our environment for quite some time but unfortunately world leaders do not listen to science and global action to protect our environment from further degradation still looks like mission impossible. This was best demonstrated in talks about the new climate change deal where world leaders once again failed to find the mutual language being divided by different individual interests.

Human population is constantly growing, and world still fails to find the right balance between the increase in human population and environmental needs. More people on this planet means more environmental problems quite simply because our society doesn't have the ecological conscience. In the world where everything is about the money it is impossible to develop global ecological conscience, and install it into our society.

In simple words we care too little for our environment and our planet in general. We have come to a point where we need to protect environment against ourselves, and that is the worst possible irony. Yes, there are many different organizations that try to protect our environment such as Environmental Protection Agency in United States but without the global ecological conscience very little can be achieved.

Some environmentalists even say that the environmental protection has become a lost cause because environmental problems keep on growing at rapid pace, giving us a zero chance to do something about it.

Calling environmental protection a lost cause is going too far because as long there is at least one healthy environment left in the world, environmental protection has its purpose, and is not completely useless as some may think it is. Without the environmental protection our environment would look much worse than it looks today, and we certainly must look for more ways to protect our environment.

Many countries have different organizations and other bodies devoted to environmental protection. There are even some international environmental protection organizations, for instance the United Nations Environment Programme. This means that something is still being done for our environment, though this something is far from being enough.

The most important thing in today's ecology is to solve things on global level, and environmental protection is no exception. World leaders must act as one when it comes to environment because this is the only possible road to successful environmental protection.

Only united world can save our environment and our planet for our future generations. Our planet, our environment, our responsibility.

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