Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is climate change really inevitable?

Climate change is the most talked about ecological issue in the last decade. Many scientists agree that climate change is inevitable, and that we are no longer able to stop global warming. The only thing we could do is to adapt, and to make sure we do not make things even worse. The future outlook doesn't look good, and scientists predict floods, droughts, rising sea levels, and extinction of many animals as the worst climate change consequences.

Many scientists also agree that our only chance to prevent the worst possible climate change scenario is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions on global level. This will however be very hard to achieve because neither Kyoto nor Copenhagen were able to unite global political will in form of legally binding international climate deal.

Our industries and economies are based on fossil fuels, and fossil fuel burning is the main source of carbon emissions on our planet. In order to cut our dependence on fossil fuels we would need a quick development of clean, renewable energy sources but this sadly doesn't look like happening any time soon.

Will climate change leave us enough time for transition to renewable energy?

Difficult to tell, but if temperatures continue current warming trend at one time we will pass the point of no return, and we will not be able to prevent the worst of climate change. Many scientists are convinced that if we fail to significantly reduce emissions in the next few decades, we will see this point of no return very soon, even before the end of this century.

World leaders still fail to find a mutual language when discussing climate change issue, and each country wants to promote its own interests before and against the global interests. In such atmosphere new climate change deal is impossible and this was clearly shown last year in Copenhagen.

The stakes are really high, and yet the politicians continue to gamble with our planet's health like this is some stock on the market. This needs to change very soon. Or else...

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