Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Climate change and what do people believe

Recent polls suggest that most people still believe that climate change is real thing. For instance according to the poll carried out by British Guardian 83% of people in Britain believe that climate change is current/imminent threat.

However, just believing in climate change is obviously not enough to change things for better. So many talks about climate change on global level, and still no sign of the new international climate deal.

That's pretty funny because if so many people believe in climate change then why isn't there much bigger public pressure on world leaders to do something about it, and why are failures on agreeing the new climate deal so easily accepted by the worldwide media?

Does the world really care so little about our planet, or are we just too naive by thinking that if we remain ignorant about climate change issue everything will work out for the best in the end?

Surprisingly so, even the most world leaders believe in climate change (well at least they say how they believe) but they still delay the necessary decisions for "better times". What better times? Do we really have to wait for disaster to happen before actually doing something, and is really our industry so important that we could gamble with the future of our planet and the future of our children and grandchildren?

Politicians are not be trusted, they say one thing during the elections, and then after the election all of the sudden a memory loss, and they delay the necessary decisions because "now is not the right time to act on this matter". Of course it isn't because powerful industrial lobbies say it so, and politics as always listens them blindly in to everything they have to say.

Our beliefs are so weakened by the power of money that we find it hard to see what's good and what's bad, and climate change is obvious proof to this.

What will our children and grandchildren think about us if we fail to act on climate change? What kind of legacy are we leaving to them? And for what? A few dollars more?

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