Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The connection between the endangered species and biodiversity

The more endangered species the bigger the biodiversity loss, this is a pretty simple equation. The number of endangered species is sadly growing all the time, and if the current trend continues it will be impossible to stop biodiversity loss, and world will soon find itself on a one-way road towards the total disaster.

The main reason why there are so many endangered species is habitat loss. The habitats of many animals are shrinking all the time because of the human population growth, and sadly humans are the main disruptive force responsible for destruction of many ecosystems around the globe.

Climate change is another reason to worry as scientists believe that many animals will fail to adapt to global warming, and many of them will likely forever perish from the face of the Earth which will add more impact to already huge biodiversity loss.

The diversity of life on our planet is currently in the state of rapid decline, and we are the main culprits for this state because our hunger for more resources, energy, and space has significantly grown in the last few centuries triggered by population explosion and the rapid industrialization.

We have the destiny of our planet in our own hands, and we already have to power to decide which species should be saved, and which should be considered as "unworthy" of conservation efforts. The main problem is that with such power also comes a great responsibility, and this responsibility is sadly so easily misunderstood by many people across the globe.

Basically, when you think about it the main link in connection between the endangered species and biodiversity are humans. The humans have the power to either stop biodiversity loss by protecting animals and plants from going extinct, or to continue the current trend of ignorance towards the environmental problem.

What will it be?

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