Thursday, May 19, 2011

What is the best way to save endangered animals?

The number of endangered animals is constantly rising and there is no magic formula that could save these species from going extinct. The best way to save endangered animals from going extinct is to identify key factors that threaten their survival. In most cases the key threats to animal survival are humans, or to be more precise the human activity.

Habitat loss and climate change are usually the two most mentioned threats behind the huge decline of many animal species, and what causes both habitat loss as well as climate change is human activity.

Since the start of industrial revolution humans have been doing tremendous damage to environment, and climate change is the most obvious sign of the current environmental condition in our planet. If we continue this path the animals won't be the only ones that will find it extremely hard to survive, and our future generations will remember us as the generation that started the total deterioration of our environment.

The endangered animals list includes many famous animals such as gorillas, tigers, polar bears, and many more famous animals will join this list if world fails to successfully tackle this variety of environmental issues.

Our world today is one huge environmental mess and cleaning this mess will be anything but easy. This is because there are several different environmental issues that need to be solved simultaneously and this is extremely hard to achieve, particularly since world still seems to be lacking global political will needed to solve these issues.

Why simultaneously you might ask? This is because environmental issues have become interconnected and in order to solve one you also need to put several other environmental issues into equation. For instance if we want to solve biodiversity loss issue we need to reach several different issues such as climate change, pollution, habitat loss, etc. The complexity of these issues makes this task monumental.

The conservation efforts to save many animals from going extinct have been admirable but sadly still inadequate, mostly due to the lack of adequate funds needed not only for further researches but also for creation of conservation parks. A few good news every now and then has been largely overshadowed by the numerous reports about the decline of large number of animal species.

Intensifying conservation efforts won't be enough, and world will have to develop global „environmental conscience“ prior to having any success in saving many animals from going extinct. Ecology needs to become at least equally important as economy if we are to see success in this field.

The green color should symbolize the nature and not the almighty dollar. Hopefully we'll be able to realize this before it is too late.

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