Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to solve environmental problems?

Before solving certain problem you first need to acknowledge it and this is something that has been only partially done with environmental problems. Why? Because world leaders are reluctant to acknowledge the seriousness of global environmental condition as they are constantly postponing actions for „better future times“.

Climate change, huge biodiversity loss, the destruction of tropical rainforets, the depletion of natural resources and excessive levels of environmental pollution are all major problems and we sadly don't have the luxury to wait for better times as world leaders think we have.

Our current lifestyle will have to change if we want to stop further environmental destruction. We must find solutions that would enable maintenance of our current lifestyle without further destruction of our environment, and the key for this lies in sustainability.

Sustainability, however, requires completely different way of thinking and installment of new values into our society in order to encourage people to improve the environmental conditions in their communities.

People from different countries need to work together because many environmental problems have global character and can be solved only by an adequate international action (such as climate change).

We need to better utilize science and technology in order to make our industry greener. This means finding economically viable and efficient solutions to replace „dirty technologies“ that are being used in many industries (such as coal power plants).

Education is also one of the keys in solving environmental issues. Better education and improved literacy rates should be a main foundation to create the adequate level of environmental conscience in many countries of the developing world.

World also needs to find a way to alleviate poverty because poor people think only how to survive. To more than one billion hungry people in the world environmental issues mean very little and we must show more care for this people.

This world is still a rather selfish place where money and material goods rank well above humanity and social responsibility. As already said before this can only be achieved with the completely different way of thinking and adopting adequate sustainable behavior and policy.

It's time to get our act together and do something that will save our planet from global environmental disaster. Saving our environment from environmental issues means ensuring wellbeing for our future generations and giving them chance to enjoy in many beauties this planet has to offer instead of crying at the broking legacy that was left to them by their irresponsible and selfish ancestors.

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