Thursday, June 21, 2012

The interaction between people and nature needs to improve

Is there something positive that can be said about the interaction between the people and nature? Well, more and more people are willing to adopt practices that do not lead to the deterioration of our environment, and the environmental conscience is slowly growing across the globe. The bad thing is that there is still lot more people who consider our environment and nature in general, as something that only exists to serve their purposes and so they can treat our environment every way they want, without any care for our future generations.

The nature is there to serve our needs, that's true, but serving our needs does not have to be connected with huge levels of environmental destruction like this is very much the case today.

Our main problem is that we often like to think how we are beyond the nature, forgetting the very important fact that we are only part of this nature, of this planet, and that we cannot survive on our own.

We need plants, animals, water, clean air. Nature has created very complicated and yet so simple process where all living species on our planet depend on each other. This interconnection of life is truly a remarkable thing, a simple but highly effective process where every species, no matter how small or big is, play its unique and special role.

The man has sadly decided to go against the nature believing that his „superior“ mind is enough to disregard nature postulates that have been created for billions of years. Just because we have developed brain as compared to other species we think we know what's best. This brain of ours could soon become our curse unless we do something to change our current way of thinking and living.

We are not only destroying our environment in form of several major environmental issues like climate change and biodiversity loss, we are also hiding our humanity in search for material goods as we look to find happiness strictly in money.

Instead of being the guardians of our planet we are becoming barbarians ready to savagely destroy it, without thinking of what future may hold for humans if we continue this path of destruction. This selfish short-term thinking shows our greed and major cracks in the foundations on which our civilization and society was built.

Nature provides us with resources crucial for our survival which means that going against the nature means going against ourselves, against the logic and better judgment.

It's time to change the way we think and the way we act. Our nature needs the very best version of humans and not these greedy little creatures that we are today. Changing our approach towards the nature is the key to our future survival.

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