Thursday, October 4, 2012

What is causing this big decline in Earth’s biodiversity?

The ongoing loss of biodiversity is one of the biggest environmental issues of our time with latest reports claiming that there are more than 5.000 endangered animals in the world today.

The endangered animals list includes many famous names such as polar bears, tigers, sharks, rhinos and elephants.

Why are all these animals finding it hard to survive these days? The main reason for this situation is poor, almost tragic state of our environment characterized by several major environmental issues.

Climate change, pollution, deforestation, habitat loss – animals need to cope with all these environmental issues to survive, and things are becoming increasingly worse as these problems are becoming more and more serious.

Behind all these problems are we, the humans. We just do not care enough for our environment because we do not want to think about what our environment really means to us. We seem to be constantly forgetting that clean, healthy environment rich with animal and plant species is one of the main prerequisites for our future wellbeing, and that we can't survive alone on this planet.

True, there have been some notable conservation efforts in recent years but given the magnitude of today's environmental issues these efforts mean very little on global scale of things. A lot more effort and a joint work off all countries in the world will be required to save many species from extinction.

For starters, world leaders should look for the ways on how to create more protected areas, where animals can live peacefully without human interference.

The current rate of extinction is horrifying with at least one animal going extinct each year.  

In order to change this trend we need to completely change our way of thinking. This means shifting our care from ourselves to our environment and our planet in general.

Can we rebuild our society’s main values before it’s too late?

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