Monday, May 25, 2009

Invasive species big threat to birds

Invasive species are plants and animals that are not native to given ecosystem. These invasive species are in most cases introduced by humans, in some cases intentionally, and in other accidentally. No matter whether it was accident or intention, in both cases these invasive species are doing extreme damage to biodiversity loss in many parts of the world threatening survival of native animal and plant species. Bird population is especially sensitive to introduction of these new species.

Currently there are 625 endangered birds in the world, and scientists believe how 51 % of these bird species are threatened by invasive alien species. Situation is worst in some isolated islands where bird species in process of evolution had no natural predators so they haven't developed any defensive mechanisms that would protect them from ever-growing invasive species. Don Stewart, Director for BirdLife International in the Pacific region recently said how "Three-quarters of all Globally Threatened bird species occurring on oceanic islands are at risk from introduced species".

Many environmental organizations are trying to clean the islands from these harmful invasive species but in many cases once certain species is cleared another comes, and here we go again back from the beginning. Many seabird colonies, especially across the Pacific are experiencing major population decline because of many predatory alien species at their nesting habitats.

Problem of invasive species is very serious ecological problem. This problem is lately receiving more and more attention on political level but still not enough to efficiently protect native species. Some protection projects were quite successful but there's one thing that these projects still lack, namely global level. Few regional actions aren't enough to solve this problem because this is global problem that needs to be solved on global level. Of course the same goes with all other ecological problems. After all this is the price of globalization.

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